How to Track

Courier's tracking system is currently down so the quickest way to track your package is by messaging GRYFFON COURIER's FACEBOOK PAGE your tracking number. They usually reply within a couple of hours*.

*Please note that their office hours are MON - FRI, 9AM - 5PM. No deliveries on Weekends for Metro Manila, so packages picked up on Fridays, are processed on Mondays. No operations on Holidays as well.

Check your tracking number on the order delivery email we sent you:

Provincial packages get transferred to LBC, enter your tracking number on GRYFFON COURIER's WEBSITE or send a message to GRYFFON COURIER's FACEBOOK PAGE to get your corresponding LBC tracking number which you can then track on LBC's WEBSITE or call 8858-5999.

If you have additional questions or concerns, easily reach the courier on their FACEBOOK PAGE.