Lazer Engraved Slim Rectangle Necklace FOR GUYS - LINE ART

Lazer Engraved Slim Rectangle Necklace FOR GUYS - LINE ART

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Limited Edition Lazer Engraved Line art for Rectangle Necklace

Photo will be turned into line art, with the background removed for a seamless finish on the pendant. If team finds the photo too blurry, we'll take artistic liberty and engrave the actual photo instead. 

Photo to line art guide here.

Gold filled is a quality alternative to solid gold, it has more gold content than plated jewelry. It won't turn your skin green, it's lead, nickel, and cadmium free making it perfect for sensitive skin. Check our customer reviews here.

All items are packaged and shipped in boxes.

Chain length is at a standard 20” length, for guys.

*Upload the actual photo position (crop if needed) / text in your chosen font, we will engrave exactly what is uploaded and do not do the editing for you only the engraving.

 *Please note that pieces are manually placed on the engraver / handstamped, so the word / image will not 100% be in the middle. We do however do quality checks and assure to make it as perfect as visually possible, just please manage your expectations 🙏🏻